Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm mean

Good thing for today was being able to pick on someone who can handle it. We had a good laugh. Some people take themselves a little too seriously most of the time.

On a less positive note, I've had a couple of invitations to potential contributors get turned down. I can't imagine why. The pay is competitive.

The way I envisioned this thing going would be to get some critical mass of contributors, so a good cross section of experiences could be shared, but not throwing it open to just anybody. I do have standards.

I have a few other folks in mind to invite. Hopefully a few more will join us here at some point to keep this little experiment going.

And then maybe one day it won't be an experiment, it will be a movement and then a philosophy, and then... Okay I'd be happy with it just becoming something I'd consider viable and lively; self-sustaining.

But for now, it is still an experiment, and even a negative result, (i.e. we give up) is still a result that can be used for the sake of learning. But I'm far from ready to throw in the towel after just a couple of weeks.

In a way, this is one of the the worst and yet maybe also one of the best times in my life to try to get something like this blog going. But I'm in it to win it - or something. There's no i in team. Conversly, there's no i in meat either. And yet, the cows almost always lose, well except in India.

But there is an i in fries and there's meat (beef tallow, to be precise) in McD's french fries and those fries can fatten us up like cows, so we buy larger, more gas-gussling cars to haul our fat asses around, and the polution they spew gets added to the cow flatulence which helps damage the Ozone layer, adding to man-made global climate change, forcing animals to migrate farther from their homes, and then a butterfly flaps its wings in Papua, New Ginea, which leads us to Hillary Clinton being a presidential candidate - or something.

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