Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's a Good Thing

It's a good thing that there ARE mean people in the world, because, in my own dementia, it makes the world more tolerable of my meanness. Think of it as a way of restoring equilibrium in the world.

My one good thing today is this blog. Whether an army of one or one thousand, it's here and it proposes the ultimate philosophy of goodness that we'd like to see in the world. Perhaps, even, it will take away the need for meanness and there will be a different balance in the world. I support that...whether as a movement or a philosophy. We (the world and all of us in it) are on the verge of monumental change and, to paraphrase, we must be the change that we envision. Thus, refused invitations aside, this blog is a renewed vision of hope for me...almost as though it's forcing my perspective to find the good...

For that, I thank YOU

Oh, and I thought John Edwards would be the winner in'08


Arthur McLean said...

I was imprecise. I guess I should have said a democratic presidential primary candidate.

But it doesn't really flow.

Either way, it's no attempt on my part to predict a winner - yet.
I will make the bold prediction that if the field stays relatively stable, Edwards should be a lock in the south.

Michael Dingler said...

Here Here. I really think that it would take a Southern man to make it possible for the Democrats to take back the White House. I like Obama, but it's not a reality. And Hillary is nearly the same boat on that account. For them to have a chance, it's got to be Edwards. Who cares if he's a lawyer? Look what we got with a reformed cokehead, a former sports team owner, and all the oil yada yada...