Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Laissez les bon temps roulez

Ah yes, what could be a good thing Saturday? (I'm having to play catch-up). A Mardi Gras parade of course! For those of us living in New Orleans, La. and Mobile, Ala. the Mardi Gras season is again upon us.
Those of you living in other Gulf Coast locales may well be experiencing some lesser form of the celebratory season, and who am I to deprive you of that, though it is surely a pale imitation of the real thing.
Nevertheless, let us enjoy life and celebrate living.
And why is this particular picture posted? Well, I could have chosen from any number of cliche images to represent Mardi Gras, but even without the floats parading down St. Francis St., you know it's Mardi Gras time when the port-o-potties are lined up in Bienville Square.

Well, I was kind of rooting for the Colts even though I think Manning is a whiny princess. The game sucked, but I really enjoyed those Careerbuilder.com ads. Mercilessly skewering what has become of the corporate world in America is - in my book - a good thing.

The good thing for today was realizing that Plan B is definitely doable this year. Cryptic, I know. Sorry.

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