Monday, January 29, 2007

Blue Skies

Well, it seems tax time can blot out seeing even one good thing in the day.

It's been a cold and rainy weekend, made all the more dreary with the fact of my father's recent death hitting me hard on Sunday. It took two weeks to settle in, but it happened. I find it upsetting that I don't have a lot of specific memories coming to mind these days, just the essence of the man he was. I miss him dearly. It's also been difficult to see my mother struggle with her loss. They were married a little more than 45 years. Now, half of her world is gone.

But I awoke this morning to a crisp but clear day. The sky was as blue as I'd ever seen it here. It was almost a gemstone blue with beautiful light shining down. I wish I'd taken more time to appreciate it, but it was there, and I saw it, and it was beautiful, calm, and in some way, reassuring. It was a good thing today.

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